Pain Management in Childbearing book cover

Pain Management in Childbearing

Key Issues in Management

Written with a team of midwifery specialists, this book provides effective techniques for alleviating pain during childbirth. Key topics include the physiology of pain in childbirth, antenatal and postnatal pain, pharmacological and non-pharmacological views on pain relief, psychology of pain relief, fetal and neonatal pain, and sociological and historical perspectives.

Paperback, 224 Pages

Published: January 2000

Imprint: Baillière Tindall

ISBN: 978-0-7020-2299-9


  • Pain Relief: Past and Present · Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) · Physiology of Labour Pain · The Psychology of Pain in Normal · Labour · Socio-cultural Aspects of Pain · Relief of Pain and Discomfort in Labour - A Moral and Legal Perspective · Alternative Therapies for Pain Relief · Pharmacological Methods of Pain Relief · Post Natal Pain · Fetal Pain · Neonatal Pain and Its Management


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