Pain E-Book book cover

Pain E-Book

A Textbook for Therapists

This is the first complete textbook designed for physiotherapists and occupational therapists on the topic of pain. It was developed for use in conjunction with the International Association for the Study of Pain's pain curriculum for OTs and PTs. The book addresses the nature of pain, the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological substrates of pain, the psychological aspects of pain, the lifespan approach to pain, pain measurement, pain and placebo, modalities for treating pain, and special topics in pain. It provides an overview of the physiological, psychosocial, and environmental aspects of pain experience across the lifespan. Aimed primarily at OTs and PTs the assessment and interventions issues pertaining to the perspectives of each profession are discussed in detail. The book is also relevant to the other health professions involved in pain management or intending to work in this area.


Published: October 2001

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3981-2


  • Foreword. Preface.
    Section 1 Understanding pain. Introduction to pain. Neuroanatomy of the nociceptive system. Neurophysiology of pain and pain modulation. Psychosocial, environmental and behavioural dimensions of the pain experience. Placebo analgesia - friend not foe. Pain across the lifespan.
    Section 2 Assessing pain. Pain assessment and measurement.
    Section 3 Managing pain. Generic principles of practice. Psychologically based pain management. Physical treatments. Electrophysical agents in pain management. Alternative and complementary therapies. Exercise and pain. Re-integration into work. Lifestyle management. Pharmacology of pain management.
    Section 4 Different pain problems. Musculoskeletal pain. Neuropathic pain. Pain in the acute care setting. Chronic pain problems. Cancer pain. Chronic pain and psychiatric problems.


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