Paediatric Exercise Physiology book cover

Paediatric Exercise Physiology

Advances in Sport and Exercise Science series

Children are not mini-adults. They are growing and maturing at their own individual rates and their physiological responses to exercise are dependent on a large number of variables as they progress through childhood and adolescence into adult life. Understanding has been limited by the fact that measurement techniques and equipment developed for use with adults are often not appropriate or even ethical for use with young people. These issues are addressed in this book which provides an analysis of physiological responses to exercise in relation to age, growth, maturation and sex.


Published: October 2006

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-10260-8


  • 1. Growth and maturation, Adam D. G. Baxter-Jones and Lauren B. Sherar

    2. Interpreting performance in relation to body size, Joanne R. Welsman and Neil Armstrong

    3. Muscle strength, Mark B. A. De Ste Croix

    4. Exercise metabolism, Neil Armstrong and Joanne R. Welsman

    5. Maximal intensity exercise, Michael Chia and Neil Armstrong

    6. Pulmonary function, Samantha G. Fawkner

    7. Cardiovascular function, Richard J. Winsley

    8. Aerobic fitness, Neil Armstrong and Samantha G. Fawkner

    9. Oxygen uptake kinetics, Samantha G. Fawkner and Neil Armstrong

    10. Responses to training, Keith Tolfrey

    11. Exercise and environmental conditions, Craig A. Williams

    12. Perceived exertion, Roger G. Eston and C. Gaynor Parfitt

    13. The young athlete, Adam D. G. Baxter-Jones and Clark A. Mundt

    14. Physical activity and health, Jos W. R. Twisk



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