Oxides of Nitrogen book cover

Oxides of Nitrogen

Scientists in many fields are interested in the oxides of nitrogen, which surround us both in the atmosphere and in the many fluids we encounter daily. This volume comprises experimental solubility data of gaseous nitrous oxide and nitric oxide in all liquids as reported in the scientific literature; tables of smoothed mole fraction solubility values for systems which have been studied over a range of temperatures; and critical evaluations of the experimental data

Of particular interest to medical researchers, atmospheric and environmental scientists, civil and chemical engineers, particularly those concerned with NO, NO2 and SO2 pollution


Published: October 1981

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-023924-8


  • (partial) Foreword



    Nitrous oxide



    Electrolyte solutions (aqueous)

    Weak electrolyte and non-electrolyte solutions (aqueous)

    Colloids (aqueous)

    Organic compounds

    Biological fluids

    Miscellaneous fluids

    Nitric Oxide


    Salt solutions

    Ferrous salts (aqueous)

    Ferrous salts (non-aqueous)

    Ferric salts

    Copper salts (aqueous)

    Copper salts (non-aqueous)

    Other salt solutions

    Organic compounds

    Inorganic compounds

    System index

    Registry number index

    Author index


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