Oxidative Damage to Plants

Antioxidant Networks and Signaling

Edited by

  • Parvaiz Ahmad, University of Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, India

With contributions that review research on this topic throughout the world, Oxidative Damage to Plants covers key areas of discovery, from the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROSs), their mechanisms, quenching of these ROSs through enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants, and detailed aspects of such antioxidants as SOD and CAT.

Environmental stress is responsible for the generation of oxidative stress, which causes oxidative damage to biomolecules and hence reduces crop yield. To cope up with these problems, scientists have to fully understand the generation of reactive oxygen species, its impact on plants and how plants will be able to withstand these stresses.

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Researchers, academics and students in plant ecophysiology, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology, plant pathology, environmental sciences, and agronomy.


Book information

  • Published: February 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-799963-0

Table of Contents

  1. Reactive Oxygen Species and Photosynthesis
    Roghieh Hajiboland
  2. Reactive Oxygen Species and Plant Hormones
    Marcelo Pedrosa Gomes, Élise Smedbol, Marília Mércia Lima Carvalho Carneiro, Queila Souza Garcia and Philippe Juneau
  3. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants: An Overview
    Réka Szőllősi
  4. Catalase: A Versatile Antioxidant in Plants
    Iti Sharma and Parvaiz Ahmad
  5. Role of Glutathione in Abiotic Stress Tolerance
    Agnieszka Waśkiewicz, Olimpia Gładysz, Kinga Szentner and Piotr Goliński
  6. Glutathione Metabolism in Plants under Environmental Stress
    Asiya Hameed, Iti Sharma, Ashwani Kumar, MM Azooz, Helal Ahmad Lone and Parvaiz Ahmad
  7. Non-enzymatic Antioxidants in Plants
    Agnieszka Waśkiewicz, Monika Beszterda and Piotr Goliński
  8. Ascorbic acid: A Potent Defender against Environmental Stresses
    Ramanpreet Kaur and Harsh Nayyar
  9. Carotenoids Involved in Antioxidant System of Chloroplasts
    Dariusz Latowski, Renata Szymanska and Kazimierz Strzalka
  10. Lipophilic Molecules as a Part of Antioxidant System in Plants
    Renata Szymanska, Dariusz Latowski, Beatrycze Nowicka and Kazimierz Strzalka
  11. Drought Stress Induced Oxidative Damage and Antioxidants in Plants
    Parvaiz Ahmad, Sumiya Jamsheed, Asiya Hameed, Saima Rasool, Iti Sharma, MM Azooz and Mirza Hasanuzzaman
  12. Antioxidant Enzymes: Defense Against High Temperature Stress
    Rohit Joshi and Vishwanathan Chinnusamy
  13. Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidants in Response to Pathogens and Wounding
    Fakiha Afzal, Rabia Khurshid, Muhammad Ashraf and Alvina Gul Kazi
  14. Role of Ascorbate Peroxidase on Postharvest Treatments in Horticultural Crop
    Yoshihiro Imahori
  15. Mycorrhizal Association and ROS in Plants
    Qiang-Sheng Wu, Ying-Ning Zou and Elsayed Fathi Abd-Allah
  16. Proline Protects Plants Against Abiotic Oxidative Stress: Biochemical and Molecular Mechanisms
    Mohammad Anwar Hossain, Md. Anamul Hoque, David J. Burritt and Masayuki Fujita
  17. Trace Elements Tolerance Modulated by Antioxidant System in Plants
    Marcelo Pedrosa Gomes, Marília Mércia Lima de Carvalho Carneiro and Queila Souza Garcia
  18. Plant Signaling Under Environmental Stress
    Mohammad Miransari
  19. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Generation, Scavenging and Signaling in Plants
    Ghader Habibi
  20. Role of ROS as Signaling Molecules in Plants
    Armin Saed-Moucheshi, Hassan Pakniyat, Hadi Pirasteh-Anosheh and MM Azooz