Osteoporosis in Men

The Effects of Gender on Skeletal Health

Edited by

  • Eric Orwoll, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon, USA

Osteoporosis in men is an important clinical problem that has received little attention, both in the medical arena and from the general public. Although the condition affects a higher percentage of women, it is estimated that two million men in the U.S. have osteoporosis, and three million more are at risk. The lack of awareness by doctors and their patients puts men at a higher risk that the condition may go undiagnosed and untreated.Osteoporosis in Men is the first book to explore this issue in depth. This groundbreaking text brings together eminent investigators and clinicians who interpret developments in this emerging field, and describe state-of-the-art research as well as practical approaches to diagnosis, prevention and therapy. It is an essential reference for researchers, students, and clinicians in bone-related disciplines.
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Researchers, clinicians, and students in osteoporosis and bone-related disciplines, as well as pharmaceutical companies.


Book information

  • Published: June 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-528640-4

Table of Contents

E. Orwoll, Introduction.J. Melton, Epidemiology of Fractures.A. Tosteson, Economic Impact of Fractures.C. Cooper and F. Anderson, Hip and Vertebral Fractures.D. Gold, Outcomes and the Personal Impact of Osteoporosis.V. Gilsanz, Accumulation of Bone Mass During Childhood and Adolescence.E. Seeman, Skeletal Structure.R. Marcus and B. Beck, Exercise, Muscle Strength, and Bone.C. Rosen, Growth Factors and Skeletal Health.B. Dawson-Hughes, Calcium and Vitamin D Nutrition.E. Orwoll and K. Wiren, Androgens and Bone Health.E. Orwoll, Androgens and Bone: Clinical Aspects.S. Khosla, L. Riggs, T. Spelsberg, and R. Turner, Estrogens and Bone Health.E. Eriksen, Age-related Changes in Bone Remodeling.L. Mosekilde, Trabecular Microarchitecture and Aging.B. Martin, Aging and Changes in Cortical Mass and Structure.B. Halloran and D. Bikle, Age-related Changes in Mineral Metabolism.J. Eisman, Risk Factors for Low Bone Mass.J. Cauley, Factors Associated with Fractures.J. Bilezikian, Idiopathic Osteoporosis.I. Reid, Glucocorticoids and Osteoporosis.B. Klein, Alcohol.J. Zerwekh and C. Pak, Hypercalciuria and Bone Disease.P. Ebeling, Other Causes of Osteoporosis.P. Ross, The Assessment of Bone Mass in Men.E. Orwoll, Evaluation and Therapy.