Osmosensing and Osmosignaling

Edited by

  • Helmut Sies, Institut Fur Physiologische Chemie, Germany
  • Dieter Haeussinger

For over fifty years the Methods in Enzymology series has been the critically acclaimed laboratory standard and one of the most respected publications in the field of biochemistry. The highly relevant material makes it an essential publication for researchers in all fields of life and related sciences. This volume features articles on the topic of osmosensing and osmosignaling written by experts in the field.
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Biochemists and researchers in related life science disciplines.


Book information

  • Published: October 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-373921-6

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Water compartments in cellsGary D. Fullerton, Ivan L. CameronChapter 2Yeast osmoregulationStefan Hohmann, Marcus Krantz, Bodil NordlanderChapter 3Physiological Analysis of Bacterial Mechanosensitive ChannelsIan R Booth, Michelle D Edwards, Susan Black, Ulrike Schumann, Wendy Bartlett, Tim Rasmussen, Akiko Rasmussen & Samantha MillerChapter 4Control of Cell Cycle in Response to Osmostress : Lessons from YeastJosep Clotet and Francesc PosasChapter 5Bacterial Osmosensing Transporters Janet M. WoodChapter 6Plant Gene Networks in Osmotic Stress Response: from genes to regulatory networksLam-Son Phan Tran, Kazuo Nakashima, Kazuo Shinozak, Kazuko Yamaguchi-ShinozakiChapter 7Osmosensing by integrins in rat liverFreimut Schliess, Dieter HäussingerChapter 8Hyperosmotic activation of the CD95 systemRoland Reinehr, Dieter HäussingerChapter 9New Approaches for Determining Apoptotic Volume Decrease (AVD) in CellsCarl D. Bortner, Maria I. Sifre, John A. CidlowskiChapter 10Transient Receptor Potential channels in mechanosensing and cell volume regulationStine Falsig Pedersen, Bernd NiliusChapter 11Cell volume regulatory ion channels in cell proliferation and cell deathFlorian Lang, Michael Föller, Karl Lang, Philipp Lang, Markus Ritter, Alexey Vereninov, Ildiko Szabo, Stephan M. Huber, Erich GulbinsChapter 12Actin Cytoskeleton Architecture and Signaling in OsmosensingEvangelia A. Papakonstanti, Christos StournarasChapter 13Osmotic stress and DNA damageNatalia I. Dmitrieva, Maurice B. BurgChapter 14Transcriptional activator TonEBP in cellular protection and differentiationJeong Ah Kim, Un Sil Jeon, Min Seong Kwon, Sun Woo Lim, H. Moo KwonChapter 15Desiccation Response of Mammalian Cells: AnhydrosignallingZebo Huang, Alan TunnacliffeChapter 16Tonicity-regulated gene expressionJoan Ferraris, Maurice B. BurgChapter 17Hyperosmotic Induction of MAP Kinase ScaffoldingThomas L. Hilder, Michael H. Malone, Gary L. JohnsonChapter 18 (Not here yet, title confirmed)Osmoregulation of bile formationRalf Kubitz, Dieter HäussingerChapter 19Osmosignaling And Volume Regulation In Intestinal Epithelial CellsChristina H. Lim, G. M. Bot, Hugo R. de Jonge, Ben C. TillyChapter 20Osmotic regulation of cellular glucose uptakePhilippe Gual, Teresa. Gonzalez, Thierry Greameaux, Yannick Le Marchand-Brustel, Jean-Francois TantiChapter 21Effects of osmolytes on protein folding in cellsZoya Ignatova, Lila M. GieraschChapter 22Simulations of Macromolecules in Protective and Denaturing Osmolytes: Properties of Mixed Solvent Systems and their Effects on Water and Protein Structure and DynamicsDavid A. C. Beck, Brian J. Bennion, Darwin O. V. Alonso, Valerie DaggettChapter 23Application of the Transfer Model to Understand How Naturally Occurring Osmolytes Affect Protein StabilityMatthew Auton, David W. BolenChapter 24Mechanisms of high salinity tolerance in plantsNarendra TutejaChapter 25Phenotype of the taurine transporter knockout mouseUlrich Warskulat, Birgit-Heller-Stilb, Evelyn Oermann, Karl Zilles, Helmut Haas, Florian LangDieter HäussingerChapter 26Molecular basis of osmolyte effects on protein and metabolitesJörg RösgenChapter 27Methods of Changing Biopolymer Volume Fraction and Cytoplasmic Solute Concentrations for In Vivo Biophysical StudiesMichael C. Konopka, James C. Weisshaar, M. Thomas Record, Jr.Chapter 28Characterization of Plant AquaporinsRalf Kaldenhoff, Adam Bertl, Beate Otto, Menachem Moshelion, Norbert UehleinChapter 29 AquaporinsLandon S. KingChapter 30 Physiology and pathophysiology of renal aquaporinsSoren Nielsen