Ornithology in Laboratory and Field book cover

Ornithology in Laboratory and Field

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Undergraduate students that have only a background knowledge of biology.


Published: April 1985

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-552455-1


  • This new edition of Ornithology in Laboratory and Field continues to offer up-to-date coverage of the important aspects of modern ornithology. Beginning with an overview of ornithology today, Pettingill explores such topics as external and internal anatomy, physiology, ecology, flight, behavior, migration, life histories, and populations.


  • Birds and Ornithology.An Introduction.Topography.Flight.Feathers and Feather Tracts.Anatomy and Physiology.Systematics.External Structural Characters.Laboratory Identification.Plumages and Plumage Coloration.Distribution.Field Identification.Behavior. Migration.Territory.Song. Mating.Nests and Nest-Building.Eggs, Egg-Laying, and Incubation.Young and Their Development.Parental Care.Longevity, Numbers, and Populations.Ancestry, Evolution, and Decrease of Birds.Appendices.Index.


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