Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students book cover

Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students

* A complete, stand-alone text for this core aerospace engineering subject
* NEW: updated throughout, with new coverage of perturbations, Lambert's problem, attitude dynamics, and techniques for numerically integrating orbits
* NEW: more examples and homework problems, more Matlab algorithms
* NEW: improved support material, including instructor solutions manual and lecture PowerPoint slides.

Undergraduate students in aerospace, astronautical, mechanical engineering and engineering physics. Related professional aerospace and space engineering fields.


Published: October 2009

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-374778-5


  • 1. Dynamics of Point Masses;
    2. The Two-Body Problem;
    3. Orbital Position as a Function of Time;
    4. Orbits in Three Dimensions;
    5. Preliminary Orbit Determination;
    6. Orbital Maneuvers;
    7. Relative Motion and Rendezvous;
    8. Interplanetary Trajectories;
    9. Rigid-Body Dynamics;
    10. Satellite Attitude Dynamics;
    11. Rocket Vehicle Dynamics;
    Appx A. Physical Data;
    Appx B. A Road Map;
    Appx C. Numerical Integration of the n-Body Equations of Motion;
    Appx D. Matlab Algorithms;
    Appx E. Gravitational Potential Energy of a Sphere


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