Oral Microbiology book cover

Oral Microbiology

Now expanded and in full colour throughout, ORAL MICROBIOLOGY retains its unique ecological approach to the subject which helps the reader determine whether an organism will have a pathogenic or commensal relationship at a given site. In the new edition, greater emphasis is placed on the role of current molecular biology techniques in the understanding of oral microbes. The book also provides insight into current therapeutic and prophylactic antibiotic use, infection control, and the relationships between oral and general health. New authorship also offers additional expertise on viral and fungal pathogens and the role of oral microbes in acute and chronic infections.

Undergraduate and postgraduate dental students, research workers, and a wide range of clinical dental professionals preparing for a number of postgraduate examinations


Published: April 2009

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-4015-3


  • 1 Introduction

    2 The mouth as a microbial habitat

    3 The resident oral microflora

    4 Acquisition, adherence, distribution and metabolism of the oral microflora

    5 Dental plaque

    6 Plaque mediated diseases – dental caries and periodontal diseases

    7 Orofacial bacterial infections

    8 Antimicrobial prophylaxis

    9 Oral fungal infection

    10 Orofacial viral infections

    11 Oral implications of infection in compromised patients

    12 Infection control


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