Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications


  • Lynne Dunckley, Professor of IT, TVU London University
  • Larry Guros, Member of the Technical Staff – Oracle Corporation

Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications is focused squarely on database administrators and programmers as the foundation of multimedia database applications. With the release of Oracle8 Database in 1997, Oracle became the first commercial database with integrated multimedia technology for application developers. Since that time, Oracle has enhanced and extended these features to include native support for image, audio, video and streaming media storage; indexing, retrieval and processing in the Oracle Database, Application Server; and development tools. Databases are not only words and numbers for accountants, but they also should utilize a full range of media to satisfy customer needs, from race car engineers, to manufacturing processes to security. The full range of audio, video and integration of media into databases is mission critical to these applications. This book details the most recent features in Oracle’s multimedia technology including those of the Oracle10gR2 Database and the Oracle9i Application Server. The technology covered includes: object relational media storage and services within the database, middle tier application development interfaces, wireless delivery mechanisms, and Java-based tools.
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STRATEGIC FIT: High end Oracle book withn hands on Info for DBAs fits with Hobbs, Powell and Vallath books MARKET/AUDIENCE: (PRIMARY):The book is focused squarely on database administrators and programmers(SECONDARY):Application developers who will be using modern tools such as Java to build multimedia applications.


Book information

  • Published: November 2006
  • Imprint: DIGITAL PRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-55558-331-6

Table of Contents

1. Introduction2. Multimedia Explained3. How does Oracle10g support image, audio and video content? 4. Getting Ready: What you need to know before you media-enhance your application. 5. Building the database6. Protecting your data7. Where and how to use intermedia8. Building a simple application9. Creating image audio, and video objects with intermedia Exploring the Benefits of Using Objects. 10. Java Application Development11. Advanced Queries - Content Based Retrieval.Problems & challenges12. Java Development Tools13. Using PL/SQL for intermedia applications14. Multimedia Database Middleware Coping with multimedia data on networks Streaming Media15. XML and SMIL: Something to Smile About16. Understanding the Big Picture. Appendix B: About PL/SQL Versions. intermedia Resources for PL/SQL DevelopersAppendix C: CD Contents. Index