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Optimal Spacecraft Rotational Maneuvers

This monograph has grown out of the authors' recent work directed toward solving a family of problems which arise in maneuvering modern spacecraft. The work ranges from fundamental developments in analytical dynamics and optimal control to a significant collection of example applications. The primary emphasis herein is upon the most central analytical and numerical methods for determining optimal rotational maneuvers of spacecraft. The authors focus especially upon the large angle nonlinear maneuvers, and also consider large rotational maneuvers of flexible vehicles with simultaneous vibration suppression/arrest. Each chapter includes a list of references.The book provides much new material which will be of great interest to practising professionals and advanced graduate students working in the general areas of spacecraft technology, applied mathematics, optimal control theory, and numerical optimization. Chapter 11 in particular presents new information that will be found widely useful for terminal control and tracking maneuvers.

Included in series
Studies in Astronautics


Published: March 1986

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-42619-2


  • ...provides much new material which should be of great interest to those working in the general areas of spacecraft technology, applied mathematics, optimal control theory, and numerical optimisation.


  • 1. Introduction. 2. Geometry and Kinematics of Rotational Motion. 3. Basic Principles of Dynamics. 4. Rotational Dynamics of Rigid and Multiple Rigid Body Spacecraft. 5. Dynamics of Flexible Spacecraft. 6. Elements of Optimal Control Theory. 7. Numerical Solution of Two Point Boundary Value Problems. 8. Optimal Maneuvers of Rigid Spacecraft. 9. Optimal Large-Angle Single-Axis Maneuvers of Flexible Spacecraft. 10. Frequency-Shaped Large-Angle Maneuvers of Flexible Spacecraft. 11. Computational Methods for Closed-Loop Control Problems. Appendices: Autonomous Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations. Closed-Form Solution for an Integral Containing Matrix Exponentials. Closed-Form Solutions for Convolution Matrix Integrals and Sensitivity Calculations. Analytical Solution of the Two Body Problem (Keplerian Motion). An Analytic Fourier Transform for a Class of Finite-Time Control Problems. Index.


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