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Thoroughly updated and revised, this definitive textbook continues to be the best available resource on the theory of optics and applications in optometry, ophthalmology, and vision science. It presents a complete overview of basic topics in optics and provides a strong foundation for further learning.

Hardbound, 576 Pages

Published: October 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-4248-4


  • 1. The basics of light and optical surfaces
    2. Reflection and refraction at plane surfaces
    3. Refraction and reflection at spherical surfaces
    4. Thin lenses
    5. Thick lenses and systems of lenses
    6. Principles of optical instruments
    7. Aberrations and ray tracing
    8. Non-spherical and segmented optical surfaces
    9. The nature of light, light sources and detectors
    10. Radiometry and photometry
    11. Optical materials: interaction of light and matter
    12. Interference and optical films
    13. Diffraction: wavefronts and images
    14. Optical design: forming a good image
    15. The eye as an optical instrument
    Answers to exercises


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