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Optically Amplified WDM Networks

With the advent of wavelength routing and dynamic, reconfigurable optical networks, new demands are being made in the design and operation of optical amplifiers. This book provides, for the first time, a comprehensive review of optical amplifier technology in the context of these recent advances in the field. It demonstrates how to manage the trade-offs between amplifier design, network architecture and system management and operation.The book provides an overview of optical amplifiers and reconfigurable networks before examining in greater detail the issues of importance to network operators and equipment manufacturers, including 40G and 100G transmission. Optical amplifier design is fully considered, focusing on fundamentals, design solutions and amplifier performance limitations. Finally, the book discusses other emerging applications for optical amplifiers such as optical networks for high data rate systems, free space systems, long single span links and optical digital networks.This book will be of great value to R&D engineers, network and systems engineers, telecommunications service providers, component suppliers, industry analysts, network operators, postgraduate students, academics and anyone seeking to understand emerging trends in optical networks and the consequent changes in optical amplifier design, features and applications.

R&D engineers, network and systems engineers, telecommunications service providers, component suppliers, industry analysts, network operators, postgraduate students and academics.

Hardbound, 512 Pages

Published: December 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374965-9


  • Foreword - Rod Alferness

    1. Optical amplifiers for reconfigurable networks - John Zyskind, and Atul Srivastava, OneTerabit
    2. ROADM based networks - Brandon C. Collings and Peter Roorda, JDSU
    3. Challenges and opportunities in future high-capacity optical transmission systems - Xiang Liu, Alcatel-Lucent
    4. EDFAs, Raman amplifiers and hybrid Raman/EDFAs - John Zyskind, and Maxim Bolshtyansky, JDSU
    5. Dynamic and static gain changes of optical amplifiers at ROADM nodes - Youichi Akasaka, Etsuko Ishikawa, Setsuhisa Tanabe and Masato Nishihara, Fujitsu
    6. Mastering power transients - a prerequisite for future optical networks - Peter Krummrich, Technische Universitaet Dortmund
    7. Spectral power fluctuations in DWDM networks caused by spectral-hole burning and stimulated Raman scattering - Joerg-Peter Elbers and Cornelius Fuerst, ADVA AG Optical Networking
    8. Amplifier issues for physical layer network control - Daniel C. Kilper and Christopher A. White, Alcatel-Lucent
    9. Advanced amplifier schemes in long-haul undersea systems - Alan Lucero, Tyco Telecom
    10. Challenges for long haul and ultra-long haul dynamic networks - Martin Birk and Kathy Tse, AT&T Labs
    11. Transport solutions for optically amplified networks - Werner Weiershausen, Malte Schneiders
    12. Optical amplifiers for maintenance friendly fiber networks - Glenn A. Wellbrock and Tiejun J. Xia, Verizon
    13. Low cost design and applications of optical amplifiers - Bruce Nyman, Princeton Lightwave, and Greg Cowle, JDSU
    14. Semiconductor optical amplifiers for metro and access networks - Leo Spiekman, Alphion and David Piehler, Fields and Waves
    15. Market trends for optical amplifiers - Daryl Innis, Ovum


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