Optical Training book cover

Optical Training

Skills and Procedures

Opticianry is a large and growing ophthalmic specialty. This practical resource provides readers with a basic working knowledge of optics and office procedures. Offering a solid foundation of "need to know" information within about 4 weeks, this handbook is an ideal, basic reference for the non-optician receiving on-the-job training.

Paperback, 136 Pages

Published: June 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7477-5


  • Preface
    Introductory Material for the Trainer
    Level 1
    Level 1 Schedule
    Basic Duties
    Common Office Equipment
    Phone Protocol
    Lab Process
    Doctors &Techs
    Level 1 Assessment
    Level 2
    Level 2 Schedule
    Making Appointments
    The Eye
    Eye Conditions
    Light & Refraction
    Basic Written Eyeglasses Prescription
    Lens Coatings & "Extras"
    Basic Written Contact Lens Prescription
    Contact Lenses
    Level 2 Assessment
    Level 3
    Level 3 Schedule
    More About Lenses
    Choosing Lenses
    Frame Styling
    Face Shapes
    Taking Measurements
    Level 3 Assessment
    Level 4
    Level 4 Schedule
    Job Orders & Sales
    Dispensing Glasses
    Dispensing Contact Lenses
    Verifying Glasses
    Level 4 Assessment
    Answers to Assessments


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