Optical Fiber Telecommunications IV-A, A


Edited By

  • Ivan Kaminow, Formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories, Inc., now at University of California, Berkeley
  • Tingye Li, AT&T Laboratories (ret.), Boulder, CO, U.S.A.


Course School/dept. Semester 1. Optical Devices Electrical Engineering Senior or Grad 2. Optical Communication Systems Electrical Engineering Senior or Grad all large EE depts. in US and elsewhere teach these courses


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  • Published: April 2002
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-395172-4


'OFT IV belongs in every engineering and technical library, university, military or corporation. It is of high technical quality but would be understood by non-engineers with a relatively high technical knowledge base.' --E-Streams, February 2003

Table of Contents

Table of Contents OverviewDesign of Optical Fibers for Communications SystemsNew Materials for Optical AmplifiersAdvances in Erbium-Doped AmplifiersRaman Amplification in Lightwave Communication SystemsElectrooptic ModulatorsOptical Switching in Transport Network: Applications, Requirements, Architectures, Technologies, and SolutionsApplications for Optical Switch FabricsPlanar Lightwave Devices for WDMFiber Grating Devices in High-Performance Optical Communications SystemsPump Laser DiodesTelecommunication LasersVCSEL for Metro CommunicationSemiconductor Optical AmplifiersAll Optical Regeneration: Principles and WDM ImplementationHigh Bit-rate Receivers, Transmitters, and ElectronicsIndex to Volumes IVA and IVB