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Optical Biosensors: Present & Future

Optical Biosensors provides the most comprehensive analysis of optical biosensors and relevant technologies to date. It focuses both on current state of the art technologies and new advances that will influence the future of optical biosensor development, including several technological advances not yet greatly explored within this field.

The book is divided into two parts: The first part focuses on present technology and here leaders in each field describe the underlying principles behind each technology. The authors then enumerate the types of applications for which it has been tested, provide opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of the biosensor and philosophize on future developments using that particular biosensor.

The second part deals with the science for future technology developments including four different methods for producing new recognition elements (genetic engineering of proteins, chemical synthesis, molecular imprinting and combinatorial selection of nucleotide-based receptors); two methods for immobilizing receptors on biosensors (sol gels and semi-synthetic membranes); two methods for producing very bright signals (PEBBLES and quantum dots) and soft lithography for surface patterning and microfluidics.


Published: April 2002

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-50974-1


  • Part I. Optical Biosensors: The Present. Optrode-based fiber optic biosensors (I. Biran, D.R. Walt).Evanescent wave fiber optic biosensors (C.A. Rowe Taitt, F.S. Ligler).Planar waveguides for fluorescence biosensors (K. Sapsford et al.).Flow immunosensor (A.W. Kusterbeck).Time resolved fluorescence (R. Thompson).Electrochemiluminescence (M.M. Richter). Surface plasmon resonance biosensors (J. Homola et al.).The resonant mirror optical biosensor (T. Kinning, P. Edwards). Interferometric biosensors (D.P. Campbell, C.J. McCloskey).Part II. Optical Biosensors: The Future. Genetic engineering of signaling molecules (A. Feltus, S. Daunert).Artificial receptors for chemosensors (T.W. Bell, N.M. Hext).Nucleic acids for reagentless biosensors (M. Rajendran, A.D. Ellington).New materials based on imprinted polymers and their application in optical sensors (S. Piletsky, A.P.F. Turner).Optically based sol-gel biosensor materials (J.L. Rickus et al.).Membrane-based biosensors (B. Cornell).Pebble nanosensors for real time intracellular chemical imaging (M. Brasuel et al.).Colloidal semiconductor quantum dot conjugates in biosensing (H. Mattousssi et al.).Soft lithography and microfluidics (R.S. Kane et al.).


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