Operations Management in Context book cover

Operations Management in Context

First and second year Business Studies students, degree and HND, meeting Operations Management for the first time.Certificate in Management Studies and professional qualification courses with a general management content.


Published: November 2006

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-8198-8


  • "This is an excellent introductory text. It makes the principles of operations management accessible to a wide range of students by recognising the importance of operations management to services and the not for profit sector. It is well structured and written in a clear easy to read style, with helpful examples and case studies. By concentrating on the practice of operations management rather than quantitative methods and techniques it is likely to appeal to a wide audience. The book succeeds in achieving its stated objectives and is a welcome addition to the growing number of UK originated operations management texts." David Barnes, Royal Holloway University


  • The operations function; The context of operations management; Organisation of the operations process; Design and measurement of work; Managing productivity at work; Planning and control of work: the management of capacity; Planning and control of work: the management of materials; Scheduling batch and flow processes; Project planning and control; Purchasing and supply chain management; Quality management; Strategic issues in operations management; Case studies.


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