Operation and Maintenance of Surface Finish


  • Clarence H. Roy


Book information

  • Published: December 1988
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1305-6

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Wastewater Sources and Discharge Limits Wastewater Sources 1. Rinses 2. Dumps and Spills Discharge StandardsChapter 2 Water and Chemical Conservation/Recovery Conservation 1. Equipment Layout and Condition 2. Tank and Chemical Inventory 3. Chemical and Water Conservation Recovery 1. Direct Dragout and Electrolytic Recovery 2. Ion Exchange 3. Electrodialysis 4. Reverse Osmosis 5. Evaporation RecoveryChapter 3 Chemistry Principles and Concepts The Definition of an Ion Molecules and Compounds Dissociation and Ionization Chemical Reactions Redox Reactions Acids, Bases and Salts The Definition of pH Normality Titration BuffersChapter 4 Treatment Process Instrumentation and Control pH Instrumentation and Control Review 1. Measurement of pH 2. pH Control ORP Instrumentation and Control Mixing Pumps, Level Controls and Equalization 1. Transfer Pumps 2. Level Control 3. Equalization Flow Measurement and Control 1. Flow Measurement 2. Flow Control Sampling and Analysis 1. Sampling 2. AnalysisChapter 5 The Operation of Pretreatment Processes Floating Oil Removal Hexavalent Chromium Reduction 1. Sulfur Dioxide Gas 2. Sodium Bisulfate 3. Sodium Hydrosulfite 4. Ferrous Sulfate 5. Iron and Scrap Steel Cyanide Oxidation 1. Chlorine Gas 2. Sodium Hypochlorite Acid/Alkali PretreatmentsChapter 6 The Operation of Treatment Processes pH Adjustment (Acid/Alkali) Process Operation Flocculation Flocculation Operation Suspended Solids Management 1. Clarifiers 2. Settling Tanks 3. Inclined Plane Settlers 4. Total Flow Filtration Final pH Adjustment Operational Logs and Records Operational LogsChapter 7 Sludge Dewatering Introduction Centrifuges Vacuum Filters Pressure FiltersChapter 8 Treatment System Maintenance Maintenance Logs and Records Instrumentation Mechanical/Electrical 1. Transfer Pumps 2. Chemical Feed Pumps 3. Mixers 4. Tanks TroubleshootingChapter 9 Safety and Health Introduction The Right-to-Know Law Safety and HealthAppendix 1 Sample Material Data SheetsAppendix 2 What is a Filter Press