OpenVMS Performance Management book cover

OpenVMS Performance Management

This book is intended to assist those searching for guidance in OPENVMS performance management and application design. A variety of performance related topics are discussed and guidelines are given, with examples on how to relieve specific problems. In this way, the reader can evaluate each technique and decide if it is applicable to their environment or not.

Systems managers; database administrators; capacity planning/performance analysts; applications analysts needing to tune applications quickly.

Paperback, 300 Pages

Published: July 1995

Imprint: Digital Press

ISBN: 978-1-55558-126-8


  • 'Contains a concise assembly of hints, tips and recommendations in a single easy-to-read volume.' - DEC Professional, November 1995


  • Part A: Memory management; Part B: Disk/IO Management; Part C: Application Optimization and Performance; Part D: CPU Management; Part E: Changing Sysgen Parameters; Part F: OpenVMS V6.0 Memory Management; Part G: Disk Stripping; Part H: Tuning Layered Products; Part I: Optimizing RDBMS


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