Open Source Fuzzing Tools


  • Noam Rathaus, Co-founder and CTO, Beyond Security, Israel, Microsoft Events Insider
  • Gadi Evron, Former Internet Security Operations Manager for the Israeli government, Founder of the Israeli government's Computer Emergency Response Team

Fuzzing is often described as a “black box” software testing technique. It works by automatically feeding a program multiple input iterations in an attempt to trigger an internal error indicative of a bug, and potentially crash it. Such program errors and crashes are indicative of the existence of a security vulnerability, which can later be researched and fixed.Fuzz testing is now making a transition from a hacker-grown tool to a commercial-grade product. There are many different types of applications that can be fuzzed, many different ways they can be fuzzed, and a variety of different problems that can be uncovered. There are also problems that arise during fuzzing; when is enough enough? These issues and many others are fully explored.
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Security professionals of all levels and IT professionals involved in the software development process.


Book information

  • Published: December 2007
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-59749-195-2

Table of Contents

Introduction to Software Testing
Introduction to Vulnerability Research
Fuzzing, what's that?
A Bit of History
Basic Fuzzing Techniques
Advanced Fuzzing Methodologies and Technologies
Open Source Solutions
Commercial Solutions
Build Your Own Fuzzer
Integration of Fuzzing in the Development Cycle
Testing Third-party Software
Certification and Regulation