Op Amps for Everyone


  • Bruce Carter, Analog Signal Chain and Power Supply Specialist, Weatherford International, Texas, USA

The op amp IC has become the universal analog IC because it can perform all analog tasks. OP AMPS FOR EVERYONE provides the theoretical tools and practical know-how to get the most from these versatile devices. This new edition substantially updates coverage for low-speed and high-speed applications, and provides step by step walkthroughs for design and selection of op amps and circuits.
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Engineers in analog circuit design and applications engineering; product engineers; engineering students.


Book information

  • Published: February 2009
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-505-0


"... the book takes a different approach from the traditional textbook treatment of op amp theory in that the book is based on real-world op amps and their applications. The material in this book is applicable to op amp ICs from all manufacturers."-- EDACafe.com

Table of Contents

1: The Op Amp's Place in the World2: Review of Circuit Theory3: Development of the Ideal Op Amp Equations4: Single Supply Op Amp Design Techniques5: Feedback and Stability Theory6: Development of the Non-Ideal Op Amp Equations7: Voltage Feedback Op Amp Compensation8: Current Feedback Op Amp Analysis9: Voltage and Current Feedback Op Amp Comparison10: Op Amp Noise Theory and Applications11: Understanding Op Amp Parameters12: Instrumentation I: Sensors to A/D Conversion13: Instrumentation II14: Instrumentation III15: Circuit Board Layout Techniques16: Wireless Communication: Signal Processing for IF Sampling17: Interfacing D/A Converters to Loads18: Sine Wave Oscillators19: Active Filter Design Techniques I20: Active Filter Design Techniques II21: Active Filter Design Techniques III22: Active Filter Design Techniques IV23: Active Filter Design Techniques V24: Active Filter Design Techniques VI25: Designing for Low Voltage Op Amp CircuitsA: Single Supply Circuit Collection