On Growth, Form and Computers book cover

On Growth, Form and Computers

Academic researchers and students in evolutionary biology, developmental biology, anatomy, and computer science, artificial life, and evolutionary computation.


Published: October 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-428765-5


  • "The book has all the materials--case studies from the seashore, the growing flower-garden, and desert-striding camels; background engineering and developmental genetics; as well as conceptual and inspirational pieces--to equip the biologists and computer scientists who will take the subject forward." -Mark Ridley, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK


  • An Introduction to Computational Development Relationships Between Development and EvolutionThe Principles of Cell Signalling From Genotype to Phenotype Plasticity & Reprogramming of Differentiated Cells in Amphibian Regeneration Qualitative Modelling & Simulation of Developmental Regulatory Networks Models for Pattern Formation & the Position-Specific Activation of Genes Signalling in Multicellular Models of Plant Development Computing An Organism Broken Symmetries & Biological Patterns Using Mechanics to Map Genotype to PhenotypeHow Synthetic Biology Provides Insights into Contact-Mediated Lateral Inhibition & other Mechanisms The Evolution of Evolvability Artificial Genomes as Models of Gene Regulation Evolving the Program for a Cell Combining Developmental Processes & Their Physics in an Artificial Evolutionary System to Evolve Shapes Evolution of Differentiated Multi-threaded Digital Organisms Artificial Life Models of Neural Development Evolving Computational Neural Systems Using Synthetic Developmental Mechanisms A Developmental Model for the Evolution of Complete Autonomous Agents Harnessing Morphogenesis Evolvable Hardware


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