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On Call Principles and Protocols

Portable and extremely practical, On Call Principles and Protocols, 5th Edition, by Drs. Marshall and Ruedy, is the bestselling handbook you can trust to guide you quickly and confidently through virtually any on-call situation. This new edition takes you step by step through the most common on-call problems and approaches, giving you up-to-date information and clear protocols on what to do and how to do it quickly, from phone calls to "elevator thoughts" to patients’ bedsides. You’ll gain speed, skill, and knowledge with every call - from diagnosing a difficult or life-threatening situation to prescribing the right medication.


Medical students in 3rd/4th year clinical rotations/clerkships; Residents; Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, advanced nurses, fellows, practitioners

Paperback, 624 Pages

Published: December 2010

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4377-2371-7


  •           Introduction

    1. Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of On-Call Problems
    2. Documentation of On-Call Problems
    3. Assessment and Management of Volume Status
    4. HIV, HBV, HCV, Influenza, and the House Officer
    5. Patient -Related Problems: The Common Calls

    6. Abdominal Pain
    7. Chest Pain
    8. Combativeness: The Out-of-Control Patient
    9. Confusion/Decreased Level of Consciousness
    10. Decreased Urine Output
    11. Diarrhea
    12. Fall Out of Bed
    13. Fever
    14. Gastrointestinal Bleeding
    15. Headache
    16. Heart Rate and Rhythm Disorders
    17. High Blood Pressure
    18. Hypnotics, Laxatives, Analgesics, and Antipyretics
    19. Hypotension and Shock
    20. Leg Pain
    21. Lines, Tubes, and Drains
    22. Polyuria, Frequency, and Incontinence
    23. Pronouncing Death
    24. Seizures
    25. Shortness of Breath
    26. Skin Rashes and Urticaria
    27. Stroke
    28. Syncope
    29. Transfusion Reactions
    30. Laboratory-Related Problems: The Common Calls

    31. Acid-Base Disorders
    32. Anemia
    33. Calcium Disorders
    34. Coagulation Disorders
    35. Glucose Disorders
    36. Potassium Disorders
    37. Sodium Disorders


         A.   Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Core Drugs and Therapy

         B.   Blood Products

         C.   Reading Electrocardiograms

         D.   Miscellaneous

         E.   SI Units Conversion Table

         F.   The On-Call Formulary



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