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On Call Cardiology

On Call Series

Be on call with confidence! Successfully managing on-call situations requires a masterful combination of speed, skill, and knowledge. The pocket-sized titles in the On Call series provide you with immediate access to the vital, step-by-step information you need to rise to the occasion! When you're on call...alone...in the middle of the night...they're your answer books for what to do and how to do it quickly—from diagnosing a difficult or life-threatening situation to prescribing the right medication. The new printing includes an updated "Guide to the International ACLS Algorithms" (Appendix G) for the most current management protocols for cardiac arrest.

3rd & 4th year Medical students and Residents

Paperback, 544 Pages

Published: January 2006

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-2537-5


  • Structure of the Book

    Commonly Used Abbreviations


    1. Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of On-Call Problems

    2. Documentation of On-Call Problems

    3. Examination for Extrathoracic Physical Signs of Heart Disease

    4. Examination of the Heart

    5. Rapid Guide to Relevant ECG Diagnosis

    6. Guide to Chest X-ray Interpretation


    7. Chest Pain

    8. Myocardial Infarction

    9. Unstable Angina

    10. Pericarditis

    11. Cardiac Tamponade

    12. Aortic Dissection

    13. Hypotension and Cardiogenic Shock

    14. Shortness of Breath

    15. Edema

    16. Bothersome Cough

    17. Pulmonary Embolism

    18. Acute Pulmonary Edema

    19. Congestive Heart Failure

    20. Palpitations/Arrhythmias

    21. Bradycardia

    22. Fever with Valve Murmur: Endocarditis

    23. Hypertensive Crisis

    24. Hypertension

    25. Syncope

    26. Cardiac Arrest

    27. Deep Venous Thrombosis

    28. Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Murmurs


    A. Infusion Pump Charts

    B. SI Units Conversion Table

    C. Commonly Used Cardiovascular Drugs

    D. Adverse Effects of Cardiac Drugs

    E. Cardiac Drug Interactions

    F. Drug Index

    G. A Guide to the International ACLS Algorithms



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