Offshore Wind book cover

Offshore Wind

A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Offshore Wind Farm Installation

This book is the first-ever roadmap to successful offshore wind installation. It provides a ready reference for wind project managers, teaching them how to deal with complications on-site, as well as for financers, who can utilize the text as an easy guide to asking the pivotal questions of petitioning wind project developers. These developers' planning stages will be improved by the book’s expert advice on how to avoid wasting money by scoping out and mitigating potential problems up-front. Wind turbine manufacturers will benefit from insights into design optimization to support cheaper installation and hauling, thereby incurring lower project costs, and helping developers establish a quicker route to profitability. The book sheds light not just on HOW to solve a particular installation difficulty, but delves into WHY the problem may best be solved in that way.

Hardbound, 352 Pages

Published: November 2011

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-385936-5


  • "Intended as an essential reference, this book adopts the style of an in-depth technical seminar, discussing the major milestones of an offshore wind project, highlighting planning considerations, providing guidelines for anticipating potential difficulties, and sharing expert advice on solving challenges in the most efficient and safe way possible. The intention of the book is to create a robust basis for understanding the offshore wind farm industry. The author expresses the hope that, after having read the book, the reader will have an in-depth understanding of the offshore wind farm industry. The book is intended to help the reader make informed decisions on how to map out the main planning and execution route for an offshore wind farm project."--Mechanical Engineering Magazine, June 2012


  • 1. What Is an Offshore Wind Farm?
    2. Obtaining Permits for Wind Farms
    3. Project Planning
    4. The Basic Organization
    5. Project Preparation
    6. Project Execution
    7. Interface Management
    8. Health, Safety, and Environmental Management
    9. Work Vessel Coordination
    10. Logistics Solutions
    11. Commonly Used Installation Methods
    12. Vessels and Transport to the Offshore Installations
    13. Basic Information about Ports
    14. Project Criteria
    15. Transporting Wind Turbines
    16. Deployment Strategies
    17. Repairing Offshore Wind Farms
    18. Environmental and Other Issues


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