Offshore Operation Facilities book cover

Offshore Operation Facilities

Equipment and Procedures

Offshore Operation Facilities: Equipment and Procedures provides new engineers with the knowledge and methods that will assist them in maximizing efficiency while minimizing cost and helps them prepare for the many operational variables involved in offshore operations. This book clearly presents the working knowledge of subsea operations and demonstrates how to optimize operations offshore. The first half of the book covers the fundamental principles governing offshore engineering structural design, as well as drilling operations, procedures, and equipment. The second part includes common challenges of deep water oil and gas engineering as well as beach (shallow) oil engineering, submarine pipeline engineering, cable engineering, and safety system engineering. Many examples are included from various offshore locations, with special focus on offshore China operations. In the offshore petroleum engineering industry, the ability to maintain a profitable business depends on the efficiency and reliability of the structure, the equipment, and the engineer. Offshore Operation Facilities: Equipment and Procedures assists engineers in meeting consumer demand while maintaining a profitable operation.


production engineers, structural engineers mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, drilling engineers, pipeline engineers, any engineers working with the production, transportation, or drilling of natural gas and oil

Paperback, 1196 Pages

Published: August 2014

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-12-396977-4


  • Foreword
    Chapter 1 The Environment and Environmental Load of Offshore Oil Engineering
    Chapter 2 Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering and Equipment
    Chapter 3 Marine petroleum (gas) engineering and equipment
    Chapter 4 Challenges of deep-sea oil and gas engineering
    Chapter 5 Challenges of Beach (shallow) Sea Petroleum Engineering
    Chapter 6 Submarine Pipeline Engineering and Pipe Cable Engineering
    Chapter 7 Safety System Engineering of Offshore Oil


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