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Office & Office Building Security

Office and Office Building Security, Second Edition, is the first book of its type to address issues of violence in the workplace to breaking and entering. As a working guide for administrators, property managers and security personnel, this book is devoted exclusively to total office security programs, detailing hundreds of professional secrets for the safety of employees and the complex. Office & Office Building Security, Second Edition, provides the background to create a safe and secure workplace, regardless of location, size and number of employees.

administrators; property managers and security personnel

Hardbound, 256 Pages

Published: April 1994

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9487-2


  • ' excellent overview for security administrators and other security professionals who need to know about protecting office buildings.' Security Management


  • Robbery, Larceny, and Access Control; Security for the Open Office Building; After Hours Burglary; Key Control; Intrusion Alarms; Lighting; The Threat of Fire; Fire Safety Requires Everybody's Cooperation & Participation; The Bomb/Threat; A Case of Violence; The Lines of Defense; Developing the Security Function; Trade Secrets & Industrial Spies; Computer Security; The Thief You Pay; Drugs in the Workplace; Building Factors; Management's Responsibility; The Security Survey; Equipment for Security; Security Operation; Strikes; Sexual Harassment; Rape & Domestic Violence


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