Offensive Marketing book cover

Offensive Marketing

An Action Guide to Gaining Competitive Advantage


Published: January 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7459-1


  • "Warren Keegan and Hugh Davidson are reknowned all over the world for both their wisdom and their original thinking... I commend [this book] to everyone, young or old, who has an interest in best practice in marketing." - Professor Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield University School of Management "Offensive Marketing breaks new ground in getting to the heart of strategy marketing: the POISE model is a guide to offensive marketing in the best possible sense: more value for customers, and higher profits for marketers. The authors also underline the importance of de-marketing (yes, de-marketing)... to insure that that every reasonable step is taken limit the abuse and misuse of the company's product." — Hermawan Kartajaya, President, MarkPlus&Co and President, World Marketing Association "Offensive Marketing is written for anyone interested in short- and long-term development of the top and bottom lines in his or her P&L. This is no academic treatise limited to theory. POISE will become a more useful and meaningful word than ever as it unlocks the key to offensive marketing thinking and techniques. This volume is filled with useful and illuminating examples of real world marketing that demonstrates how the Offensive Marketing approach generates meaningful long-term results." — Michael Friedman, President and CEO, Purdue Pharma LP Reviews of previous editions of Offensive Marketing: "Practical wisdom in an inspired packaging." - Philip Kotler, Professor of Marketing, Northwestern "An absolute 'must read' for Directors, Marketers and Strategists." - Manfred Scheske, President, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, North America


  • The Offensive Marketing Approach: POISE; How Offensive Marketing Builds Above-Average Profits; Offensive Vision and Attitudes; The Integrated Marketing Approach; Business Analysis; Developing a Distinctive View of the Future; Developing Winning Strategies; Marketing Planning; Segmentation; Brand Development; New Product and Service Development; Communications; Market Research; Pricing, Channel Marketing; Post Script: Offensive Marketing: The Way Ahead


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