Off-Flavors in Foods and Beverages

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  • G. Charalambous

This book, volume 28 in the Developments in Food Science Series, reviews thelatest information and up-to-date concepts concerning a great number ofaspects of flavor quality. Particular attention has been afforded to providea balance between food and beverage chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology,nutritional, processing, packaging, storage, computer applications, andchemometrics.Twenty six specialists were invited to discuss the present state of knowledgein their particular fields. Together with their co-workers (totalling oversixty well known researchers) the authors were drawn from the internationalspectrum of academia, government institutes, and industry. Their presentationsincluded original research results, background reviews, and comprehensivebibliographies.This informative and well documented book goes a long way to improving thecurrent knowledge in a complex area and certainly increase understanding of taste and odor, flavors and off-flavors of high quality foods and beverages.
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Book information

  • Published: May 1992
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-88558-6

Table of Contents

Preface. List of Contributors. Analysis of Grain Volatiles and Development of a Simple Chemical Assay for Fungal Infestation of Grain (R. Entz and C.E. Meloan). Off-Odors in Grain (L.M. Seitz and D.B. Sauer). Volatile Compounds and Off-Flavours Produced by Microorganisms in Cereals (C.E. Eriksson et al). Off-Flavors in Peanuts and Peanut Products (R.L. Ory et al). Off-Flavors in Rice and Rice Products (R.L. Ory and G.J. Flick, Jr.). Off-Flavors in Fish and Shellfish (G.C. Arganosa and G.J. Flick, Jr.). Undesirable Flavors of Meat (M.E. Bailey et al). Oxidized Flavor Compounds in Edible Oils (B.S. Mistry and D.B. Min). Off-Flavor Development in Citrus Juice Products (R.L. Rouseff et al). Acid-Catalyzed Reactions of Citrus Oils and Other Terpene-Containing Flavors (B.C. Clark, Jr. and T.S. Chamblee). Japanese Soy Sauce Flavor with Emphasis on Off-Flavors (N. Nunomura and M. Sasaki). Fruit Preparations - Development of a New Pressurizing Process (Y. Horie). Off-Flavors of Dairy Products (C.D. Azzara and L.B. Campbell). Off-Flavors in Tea (A.O. Chen et al). Constituents of the Essential Oil of Sideritis scardica (M.E. Komaitis et al). Rooibos Tea (M.E. Komaitis). Cocoa Off-Flavors (K.H. Ney). Off-Flavors in Beer (M. Kamimura and H. Kaneda). Off-Flavors of Sake (T. Ohba and H. Akiyama). Foreign and Undesirable Flavours in Wine (A. Rapp et al). 5-Ribonucleotides as Flavor Enhancers (K. Kotani et al). Bitter Flavor of Protein Hydrolysates and Synthetic Peptides (S. Tanimoto et al). Heterocycles by Thermal Degradation of Amadori Intermediates (G. Vernin et al). Food Irradiation: Volatiles in Flavors and Off-Flavors (H. Singh). Specification of a Computer Program for Off-Flavors (K.H. Ney). Chemometrics: the Use of Multivariate Methods for the Determination and Characterization of Off-Flavors (C. Zervos and R.H. Albert). Subject index.