Ocular Transporters and Receptors book cover

Ocular Transporters and Receptors

Their Role in Drug Delivery

Ocular transporters and receptors contains detailed descriptions of major transporters and receptors expressed in the eye, with special emphasis on their role in drug delivery. The complex anatomy and the existence of multiple barriers in the eye pose a considerable challenge to successful drug delivery to the eye. Hence ocular transporters and receptors are important targets for drug delivery. A significant advancement has been made in the field of ocular transport research and their role in drug delivery. In this book the cutting edge research being carried out in this field is compiled and summarized. The book focuses on key areas, including the anatomy and physiology of the eye, biology of ocular transporters and receptors, techniques in characterization of transporters and receptors, transporters and receptors in the anterior and posterior segment in the eye, the role of ocular transporters and receptors in drug delivery, and transporter-metabolism interplay in the eye.

Ophthalmologists and pharmacists

Hardbound, 276 Pages

Published: October 2013

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-907568-86-2


  • "This is an excellent reference for researchers and scientists interested in ocular drug delivery…It is often a challenge to improve the bioavailability of drugs in various parts of the eye. Successful receptor targeting enhances bioavailability, and this book provides a framework for further research in ocular receptor targeting with the aim of improving bioavailability." Rating: 2 Stars--Doody.com, January 17, 2014


  • Eye: Anatomy, physiology and barriers to drug delivery; Biology of ocular transporters and receptors; Characterization of ocular transporters and receptors; Transporters and receptors in the anterior segment of the eye; Transporters and receptors in the posterior segment of the eye; Transporters in subcellular organelles: Regulation, characterization and role in ocular drug delivery; Transporters in drug discovery and delivery: A new paradigm in ocular drug design; Transporter-metabolism interplay in the eye.


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