Occupational Therapy book cover

Occupational Therapy

Perspectives and Processes

Paperback, 328 Pages

Published: August 1995

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-04978-1


  • PART 1 PERSPECTIVES Occupational Therapy : A Retrospective. Definitions. In Search of the Core. The Person. Occupation. Environment. The Therapist. The Prescription of Activities as Therapy. Occupational Therapy : Macroanalysis. The Productive Self. PART 2 PROCESSES Case Management. Intervention. Assessment and Evaluation. Occupational Analysis and Adaptation. Environmental Analysis and Adaptation. Therapeutic Use of Self. Management of Resources. PART 3 PERSPECTIVES and PROCESSES Postscript: Perspectives and Processes. REFERENCES and BIBLIO GLOSSARY and APPENDICES INDEX


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