Occupational Health in Aviation

Maintenance and Support Personnel

Edited By

  • Joseph Ribak, Loewenstein Hospital
  • Russell Rayman, Aerospace Medical Association
  • Paul Froom, Lowenstein Hospital


Research and physicians in industrial, occupational, and aerospace medicine, as well as professionals at OSHA and NIOSH.


Book information

  • Published: April 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-583560-2

Table of Contents

J. Ribak, Introduction.J. Ribak and P. Froom, Principles of Occupational Medicine.A. Pardo, Overview of Occupational Medicine.P. Froom, Clinical Toxicology.T. Kushnir, Stress In Ground Support Personnel.A. Pardo, Walkthrough Survey.R.B. Rayman, The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Chemical Hazards.J. Ribak, Biological Hazards.J. Ribak, Ergonomic Risk Factors for Ground Personnel.J. Ribak, B. Malenky, and R. Shain, Special Aviation Environments.P. Froom and B. Cline, Common Occupational Health Problems in Airline Workers.J. Ribak and B. Cline, Ground Accidents.R. Shain, Components and Management of an Occupational Health Program.