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A ticking time bomb for reproductive health

Obesity is a continuing issue around the world and in many contexts. The growing number of obese people is an increasing concern for those in the medical profession, and obesity can pose specific challenges in relation to fertility and pregnancy. Patients who are obese require specific considerations and knowledge. Bringing together experts from a variety of specialties to examine the issues and challenges of obesity, this book discusses how obesity affects fertility, reproduction, and pregnancy. Beginning with an exploration of the epidemiology of obesity, further chapters focus on specific issues related to obesity and both male and female reproduction, the complications of obesity during pregnancy and labour, and the long term effects of obesity. This is the most comprehensive resource to examine the topic of obesity and reproductive issues, making it invaluable for medical students, professionals, and researchers in public policy and medicine.


This book would be of interest to researchers in obesity and fertility as well as gynecologists, anaesthetists, family doctors and healthcare planners.

Hardbound, 670 Pages

Published: September 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-416045-3


  • 1. Foreword

    Section 1- Epidemiology

    2. Worldwide epidemic of obesity

      Rohana Haththotuwa and Upul Senarath

    3. Social and ethnic determinants of obesity

      Chu Lim and Omar Thanoon

    4. The molecular and endocrine basis of obesity

      Adnan Hasan

    5. The psychological basis of obesity

      Zsolt Demetrovics and Alexander Baldacchino

    6. Long term health consequence of adolescent obesity

      Mourad Seif

    Section 2 - Obesity and Reproduction

    7. Obesity and contraception

      Sujeetha Damodaran

    8. Obesity and sexual health

      Sharon Cameron

    9. Obesity, PCO and infertility

      Ioannis E. Messinis

    10. Obesity and recurrent miscarriages

      Siobhan Quenby and Harish Malappa Bhandari

    11. Obesity and assisted reproduction

      Mark Hamilton

    Section 3 - Obesity and Male Reproduction

    12. Obesity and male sexual dysfunction

      Darius Paduch

    13. Sperm quality and Assisted reproduction

      Vanessa Kay

    14. Role of Bariatric surgery in Male Obesity to enhance fertility

      Richard A. Anderson

    Section 4 - Pregnancy and Obesity

    15. Maternal Obesity and Developmental Programming

      Mark A. Hanson

    16. Fetal health assessment in obese women

      Fionnuala McAuliffe and Jennifer M. Walsh

    17. Obesity and prolonged pregnancy

      Siobhan Quenby and Mani Malarselvi

    18. Obesity and deep venous thrombosis

      Andrew Thomson and Joanne Ellison

    19. The genesis of pre-eclampsia in super obese women

      Fiona Broughton-Pipkin

    20. Obesity, insulin resistance and placental dysfunction - fetal growth

      Justin Konje

    Section 5 - Obesity and Gestational Diabetes

    21. Screening for Gestational Diabetes

      Peter Hornnes

    22. Obesity and metabolic disorders during Pregnancy and pregnancy outcome

      Gerry Visser

    23. Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome of Pregnancy and Role of Metformin

      Hassan Shehata

    24. Metabolic Syndrome of Obesity and Management of Gestational Obesity

      Shahzya Huda

    Section 6 - Obesity and Labour

    25. Induction of labour in obese women

      Fiona Denison and Carolyn Chiswick

    26. Challenges of intrapartum care in obese women

      Boon H. Lim

    27. Role of midwife during pregnancy, labour and post partum

      Yana Richens and Mani Malarselvi

    28. Anaesthetic issues during labour

      Alistair Lee

    29. Maternal obesity and the risk of stillbirth

      Siladitya Bhattacharya

    30. Obesity, Diabetes, placental pathology and foetal malformations

      Margaret J. Evans

    31. Postnatal care for the recently delivered obese women

      Debra Bick

    Section 7 - Interventions to improve care of women during pregnancy

    32. Anti-obesity drugs for obese women planning pregnancy

      Pak Chung Ho

    33. Anti-obesity surgery for obese women planning pregnancy

      Surujpal Teelucksingh

    34. Evidence based approach to manage obese pregnant women

      Khalid Khan and Shakila Thangaratinam

    35. Multimodal approach to reducing obesity-related maternal morbidity and mortality

      Leroy Edozien

    36. Developing standards of care for obese women during pregnancy

      David Churchill

    Section 8 - Long term impact of obesity

    37. Maternal obesity - the road to diabetes and cardiovascular risk

      Ioannis Ioannidis

    38. Obesity and female malignancies

      Mohamed K. Mehasseb

    39. Obesity and menstrual functions

      Hilary Critchley

    40. HRT prescribing for obese women

      Nick Panay and Kate Maclaran

    41. Incontinence and prolapse in the obese woman

      Douglas G. Tincello

    42. Laparoscopic surgery in obese women

      Sanjay Vyas and Christy Burden

    Section 9 - The future research and health service planning

    43. Quality of life among obese patients

      Rhona McInness

    44. Understanding eating behaviour and lifestyle issues on women’s health

      Annie S. Anderson

    45. Planning for the future: delivering Maternity Services in 2035

      Tim Draycott

    46. Providing infertility services for obese women

      Abha Maheshwari

    47. Summary of recommendations

      Tahir Mahmood and Sabaratnam Arulkumaran


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