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Nutritional Management of Renal Disease

This translational text offers in-depth reviews of the metabolic and nutritional disorders that are prevalent in patients with renal disease. Chapter topics address the growing epidemic of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Each chapter integrates basic and clinical approaches, from cell biology and genetics to diagnosis, patient management and treatment. Chapters in sections 4-7 include new illustrative case reports, and all chapters emphasize key concepts with chapter-ending summaries. New features also include the latest National Kidney Foundation Clinical Practice Guidelines on Nutrition in Chronic Renal Failure, the most recent scientific discoveries and the latest techniques for assessing nutritional status in renal disease, and literature reviews on patients who receive continuous veno-venous hemofiltration with or without dialysis.


Practicing nephrologists, nephrology fellows, nutritionists, dieticians, and dialysis nurses; academic and clinical researchers in nephrology and nutrition; and physicians and researchers interested in renal nutrition and related renal diseases (renal cancer, diabetes, glomerulosclerosis, preeclampsia, lupus), such as endocrinologists, geriatricians, bariatric physicians, and diebetologists.

Hardbound, 816 Pages

Published: December 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-391934-2


  • "The Third Edition of this classic translational text offers in-depth reviews of the metabolic and nutritional disorders prevalent in patients with renal disease.", April 24, 2013
    "This edition reflects changes in the field, such as the increased evidence on the importance of inflammatory, oxidative, and carbonyl stress, and the greater prevalence and severity of obesity and its clinical consequences; therapeutic strategies for obesity treatment in regard to chronic kidney disease prevention and treatment; the nutritional management of people receiving chronic renal replacement therapy; and methods for slowing the progression of chronic renal disease..."--Reference and Research Book News, February 2013


    1. The Influence of Kidney Disease on Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism
    2. B. Workeneh and William E. Mitch

    3. Carbohydrate Metabolism in Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure
    4. Eberhard Ritz, Marcin Adamczak and Andrzej Wiecek

    5. Altered Lipid Metabolism and Serum Lipids in Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure
    6. Nosratola D. Vaziri

    7. Uremic Toxicity
    8. Michal Chmielewski, Olof Heimbürger, Peter Stenvinkel and Bengt Lindholm

    9. Inflammation as a Cause of Protein-Energy Wasting in Chronic Kidney Disease
    10. Juan Jesús Carrero and Peter Stenvinkel

    11. Catalytic (Labile) Iron in Kidney Disease
    12. Radhakrishna Baliga, Mohan Rajapurkar, and Sudhir V. Shah

    13. Carbonyl Stress in Uremia
    14. Toshio Miyata and Kiyoshi Kurokawa

    15. Metabolic and Nutritional Responses to Academia and Alkalemia
    16. James L. Bailey and Harold A. Franch

    17. Prevention and Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure
    18. Pranav S. Garimella, Daniel E Weiner and Mark J. Sarnak

    19. Assessment of Protein and Energy Nutritional Status
    20. Lara B. Pupim, Cathi J. Martin and T. Alp Ikizler

    21. Causes of Protein-Energy Wasting in Chronic Kidney Disease
    22. Manuel Velasquez, Rajnish Mehrotra, Maria Wing and Dominic Raj

    23. Protein-Energy Wasting as a Risk Factor of Morbidity and Mortality in Chronic Kidney Disease
    24. Csaba Kovesdy & Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh

    25. Effect of Nutritional Status and Changes in Protein Intake on Renal Function
    26. Daniel Landau and Ralph Rabkin

    27. Low Protein, Amino Acid and Ketoacid Diets to Slow the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease and Improve Metabolic Control of Uremia
    28. Denis Fouque

      Other Metabolic Interventions that May Slow Progression of Renal Failure

      15a.Reducing Tryptophan Metabolites to Reduce Progression in Chronic Kidney Failure

      Toshimitsu Niwa

      15b.Altering serum Lipids to Reduce Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

      Vito M. Campese and Samia Raju

      15c. Disorders of Phosphorus Homeostasis: Emerging Targets for Slowing Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

      Orlando M. Gutiérrez

      15d.Alkalinization to Retard Progression of Chronic Kidney Failure

      Hillel Sternlicht and Michal L. Melamed

    29. Calcium, Phosphate, PTH, Vitamin D and FGF-23 in Chronic Kidney Disease
    30. Alexandra Voinescu and Kevin J. Martin

    31. Phosphate Metabolism and Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 in Chronic Kidney Disease
    32. Jessica Houston, Tamara Isakova and Myles Wolf

    33. Vitamin D in Kidney Disease
    34. Marta Christov and Ravi Thadhani

    35. Nutritional Management Of Water, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, and Magnesium In Kidney Disease And Kidney Failure
    36. Nabil Haddad, Rosemarie Shim and Lee A. Hebert

    37. Trace Elements, Toxic Metals, and Metalloids in Kidney Disease
    38. Sundararaman Swaminathan

    39. Vitamin Metabolism and Requirements in Renal Disease and Renal Failure
    40. Charles Chazot and Joel D. Kopple

    41. Nutrition and Anemia in End-Stage Renal Disease
    42. Rajnish Mehrotra, Min Zhang and Yinan Li

    43. Nutritional and Non-Nutritional Management of the Nephrotic Syndrome
    44. Alessio Molfino, Burl R. Don, and George A. Kaysen

    45. Nutrition and Blood Pressure
    46. Joel D. Kopple

    47. Effect of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome on Incident Kidney Disease and the Progression to Chronic Kidney Failure
    48. Alex Chang MD and Holly Kramer

    49. Nutritional and Metabolic Management of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome in the Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease
    50. Mark E. Williams, Greta Magerowski and George L. Blackburn

    51. Bariatric Surgery and Renal Disease
    52. Bikhchandani J., Forse R.A.

    53. Nutritional and Metabolic Management of the Diabetic Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease and Chronic Renal Failure
    54. Mark E. Williams and Robert Stanton

    55. Nutritional Management of Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients
    56. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh and Joel D. Kopple

    57. Nutritional Management of End-Stage Renal Disease Patients Treated with Peritoneal Dialysis
    58. Sirin Jiwakanon and Rajnish Mehrotra

    59. Nutritional Management of Kidney Transplant Recipients
    60. Maria Chan and Steve Chadban

    61. Nutritional Management of the Child with Kidney Disease
    62. Vimal Chadha and Bradley A. Warady

    63. Nutritional Management of Acute Kidney Injury
    64. Wilfred Druml

    65. Nutritional Management of Patients Treated With Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
    66. Horng-Ruey Chua and Rinaldo Bellomo

    67. Anorexia and Appetite Stimulants in Chronic Kidney Disease
    68. Juan Jesús Carrero and Peter Stenvinkel

    69. Oral and Enteral Supplements in Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure
    70. Noel J. Cano

    71. Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition, Intraperitoneal Nutrition and Nutritional Hemodialysis
    72. Ramanath Dukkipati

    73. Therapeutic Use of Growth Factors in Renal Disease
    74. Bo Feldt-Rasmussen and Ralph Rabkin

    75. Nutritional Prevention and Treatment of Kidney Stones
    76. Marvin Grieff and David A. Bushinsky

    77. Herbal supplements in Patients with Kidney Disease
    78. Alison l. Steiber

    79. Drug - Nutrient Interactions in Renal Failure
    80. Raimund Hirschberg

    81. Exercise Training for Individuals with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease
    82. Thomas Storer

    83. Motivating the Kidney Disease Patient to Nutrition Adherence and Other Healthy Lifestyle Activities

    Steve Martino, Lydia Chwastiak and Frederic Finkelstein


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