Nutritional Cosmetics

Beauty from Within

Edited by

  • Aaron Tabor, MD, CEO and Medical Research Director of Physicians Laboratories, North Carolina, USA.
  • Robert M. Blair, Research Manager, Physicians Laboratories, North Carolina, USA.

Nutritional cosmetics is an emerging area of intense research and marketing and encompasses the concept that orally consumed dietary products can support healthier and more beautiful skin. There are numerous dietary ingredients now being marketed for their potential skin health and beauty benefits and many of these are supported by growing scientific evidence. The purpose of this book is to compile the scientific evidence showing the potential benefits of some of the more extensively researched ingredients. As far as possible, information about the benefits of ingredients consumed orally for skin health is presented.

The information contained in this book will help provide insights into an emerging research area and provide scientific background for the potential clinical effectiveness for some of the better researched nutricosmetic ingredients.


Aaron Tabor, M.D. is the CEO of Physicians Pharmaceuticals and author of The Revival Slim & Beautiful Diet. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Tabor oversees all clinical research on the Revival Slim & Beautiful Diet plan, conducting randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled studies at leading hospitals in the U.S. Areas of note include weight loss, skin/hair/nail appearance, energy, menopause, PMS, cholesterol, memory, and diabetic health. He is also responsible for directing new Revival product development based on clinical research results.

Robert M. Blair, Ph.D. is the Research Manager for Physicians Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and manages the daily activities of the Research and Nutrition departments. Dr. Blair received his Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University in the field of Reproductive Physiology. Before joining Physicians Pharmaceuticals, Inc., he worked as an Assistant Professor of Comparative Medicine at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine where he examined the effects of dietary soy on cardiovascular health and cognitive function.

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Personal care and cosmetics industry scientists and marketers, ingredient suppliers, nutraceutical, food, and beverage companies, dermatologists, nutritionists


Book information

  • Published: June 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-2029-0


"This interesting book, divided in 7 parts and 25 chapters, reports the more innovative research on nutrients for which there is evidence of benefits for the skin from within…. May be useful to the daily work of Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Chemists, Nutritionists and all Scientists from the Chemical, Biological and Medical Communities that wish a  deeper understanding of the significance of nutricosmetics for today’s health."--The Journal of Applied Cosmetology

Table of Contents

Part 1. The Biology of Healthy and Aging Skin
1. Structure and Function of the Skin
2. Overview of the Structure & Function of Ethnic Skin
3. The Effects of Aging of Skin
4. Premature Aging of Skin from Environmental Assaults

Part 2. Beauty from the Inside and the Outside
5. Natural Products Work in Multiple Ways

Part 3. Micronutrient Support for Beautiful Hair & Skin
6. Bioavailability and Skin Bioefficacy of Vitamin C and E
7. Zinc, Selenium, and Skin Health: Overview of Their Biochemical and Physiological Functions

Part 4. Protect Your Skin With Natural Anti-Oxidants
8. Botanical Antioxidants for Protection Against Damage from Sunlight
9. The Antioxidant Benefits of Oral Carotenoids for Protecting the Skin Against Photoaging
10. Inhibitory Effects of Coenzyme Q10 on Skin Aging
11. The Benefits of Antioxidant-Rich Fruits on Skin Health
12. Olive Fruit Extracts for Skin Health
13. Enhancing the Skin’s Natural Antioxidant Enzyme System by the Supplementation or Upregulation of Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, and Glutathione Peroxidase

Part 5. Supporting A Solid Foundation For Firmer Skin
14. Dermal Connective Tissue as the Foundation for Healthy Looking Skin
15. Amino Acids & Peptides: Building Blocks For Skin Proteins
16. Natural Products Supporting the Extracellular Matrix: Rice Ceramide and Other Plant Extracts for Skin Health
17. Asiaticoside Supports Collagen Production for Firmer Skin

Part 6. Natural Moisturizers For Smoother Skin
18. Proper Skin Hydration and Barrier Function
19. Food-Derived Materials Improving Skin Cell Health for Smoother Skin

Part 7. Natural Support for a Healthier Complexion
20. A Whey Protein Complex for Skin Beauty from the Inside Out
21. Nature Knows Best – Where Nature and Beauty Meet
22. Probiotics for Skin Benefits
23. The Beauty of Soy for Skin, Hair, and Nails

Part 8. Natural Protection from Photocarcinogenesis
24. Green Tea and Skin Cancer: Immunological Modulation and DNA Repair
25. Silibinin in Skin Health: Efficiency and Mechanism of Action