Nutrition and Behavior of Uncommon Species, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics: Exotic Animal Practice


  • Laurie Hess, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian
  • Natalie Antinoff, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian

The busy exotic animal practitioner will find this unique issue packed with useful, practical information on uncommon species. Species covered include: ground and tree squirrels, servals and caracals, sugar gliders, prairie dogs, hedgehogs, fennec foxes, skunks, degus, kinkajous, opossums, Patagonian cavies, macropods, coatamundi and raccoons, lemurs, agoutis, and more!
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Book information

  • Published: April 2009
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS
  • ISBN: 978-1-4377-0558-4