Nursing the Psychiatric Emergency


  • Martin Ward, RMN, DN, RNT, CertEd, MPhil, Independent Mental Health Nursing Consultant; Co-ordinator of Mental Health Nursing Courses, University of Malta; Chair of the Expert Panel, HORATIO - Psychiatric Nurses in Europe

Nurses and other professionals in clinical practice are increasingly worried that they are unprepared to cope with psychiatric emergencies. This original book will equip them with all the appropriate skills to act effectively and professionally. It will
also enable them to maintain their own safety. The approach is deliberately practical, and the text covers most of the common emergencies and others which raise difficult management issues. An adaptable framework which can be used in any emergency is
developed. It brings together related issues such as intervention skills, client involvement and staff stress. It will prove a popular and reassuring companion and an important practical resource.
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Book information

  • Published: September 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-1592-1

Table of Contents

Emergency theory; Psychiatric emergency nursing; Professional coping strategies; Intervention principles; Emergencies associated with self-harm; Threats of violence; Physical attacks; Restraint and breakaway techniques; Care confrontations; Emergencies associated with psychological disturbance; Emergencies associated with drugs and alcohol; Dealing with failure; Staff support.