Nursing Research in Canada book cover

Nursing Research in Canada

Methods, Critical Appraisal, and Utilization

The third edition of Nursing Research in Canada provides a comprehensive introduction to research concepts and methods. Easy to understand and set entirely within a Canadian context, this new edition examines the various roles of research in nursing, application and analysis, and coverage of evidence-informed practice. The companion study guide allows students to further practice and hone the critiquing skills discussed in the textbook.

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Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-1-926648-99-6


  • Part 1: Research Overview

    Research Vignette: How Nurses Use and Respond to Research (Barbara Paterson)

    1. The Role of Research in Nursing

    2. Theoretical Framework

    3. Critical Reading Strategies: Overview of the Research Process

    4. Developing Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Clinical Questions

    5. Finding and Appraising the Literature

    6. Legal and Ethical Issues

    Part 2: Qualitative Research

    NEW! Research Vignette: Creating Qualitatively Derived Knowledge for a Practice Discipline (Sally Thorne)

    7. Introduction to Qualitative Research

    8. Qualitative Approaches to Research

    Part 3: Quantitative Research

    Research Vignette: Tackling the Prevention of Falls Among Older Adults (Nancy C. Edwards)

    9. Introduction to Quantitative Research

    10. Experimental and Quasiexperimental Designs

    11. Non-experimental Designs

    Part 4: Processes Related to Research

    Research Vignette: Developing and Implementing a Framework for IPE in Health Sciences Education: Can Nursing Contribute? (Julie Gaudet)

    12. Sampling

    13. Data Collection Methods

    14. Rigour in Research

    15. Qualitative Data Analysis

    16. Quantitative Data Analysis

    17. Presenting the Findings

    Part 5: Critiquing Research

    Research Vignette: Evolution in a Program of Research focusing on Family Violence, Caregiving and Women’s Health (Judith Wuest)

    18. Critiquing Qualitative Research

    19. Critiquing Quantitative Research

    Part 6: Application of Research: Evidence-Informed Practice

    Research Vignette: Nursing Best Practice (Barbara Davies)

    20. Developing an Evidence-Informed Practice



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