Nursing Knowledge and Practice book cover

Nursing Knowledge and Practice

Foundations for Decision Making

Nursing knowledge and practice is a comprehensive textbook which forms an ideal basis for foundation nursing students. The core emphasis in the organisation and presentation of knowledge in this third edition remains focused on the in-depth knowledge required by nurses to deliver care in the practice setting.

The chapter contents encompass knowledge that applies to all branches of nursing e.g. Communication, Confusion, Aggression and Rehabilitation Safety and Risk, Infection Control, Medicines etc. The structure of all chapters is unique in integrating knowledge from subject areas often taught separately in the nursing curriculum. This enables the foundation student to integrate this range of knowledge in making decisions about the delivery of nursing care to patients/clients in all fields of nursing. Exercises are included to encourage reflection on practice and develop critical thinking skills. It also promotes the expansion of professional knowledge through the development of portfolio evidence.

Building on the outstanding success of previous editions the authors have drawn extensively on current best evidence, including research, policy and substantial internet based resources, reflecting UK and international perspectives.

Students undertaking the pre-registration curriculum in nursing at both diploma and degree level


Published: April 2009

Imprint: Baillière Tindall

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3752-8


  • Nursing Knowledge and practice. Communication. Safety and risk. Resuscitation and emergency care. Infection prevention and control. Mobility and moving. Homeostasis. Nutrition. Stress, relaxation and rest. Medicines. Pain. Aggression. End of life care. Hygiene. Skin integrity. Sexuality.Confusion. Continence. Rehabilitation and recovery.


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