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Nursing Ethics

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. The authors have developed a holistic approach that explores: ethics in hospital and community settings, inter-disciplinary teamwork, ward and hospital management, nursing research, performance management and the political ethics of nursing administration, health service re-structuring and reform. The content has been substantially revised for this edition and significant new material added to reflect developments in theory and practice.

Pre-reg and post-reg nursing students; nursing/ health science lecturers, libraries in nursing and health sciences schools


Published: June 2006

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3345-2


  • INTRODUCTION Ethics in nursing — continuity and change

    PART 1 Cultural issues, methods and approaches to nursing ethics

    1. Nursing ethics: historical, cultural and professional perspectives
    2. Nursing ethics – what do we mean by ‘ethics’?

    PART 2 Socialisation, professionalisation and nursing values

    3. Becoming a nurse and member of the profession
    4. Power and responsibility in nursing practice and management
    5. Professional responsibility and accountability in nursing

    PART 3 Nursing ethics – issues in clinical practice

    6. Classical areas of controversy in nursing and biomedical ethics
    7. Direct responsibility in nurse/patient relationships
    8. Conflicting demands in nursing groups of patients

    PART 4 Ethics in nursing management, research and teaching

    9. Ethics in healthcare management: research, evaluation and performance management
    10. The political ethics of healthcare: health policies and resource allocation
    11. Corporate ethics in healthcare: strategic planning and ethical policy development

    PART 5 Ethical decision-making and moral theory

    12. Making moral decisions and being able to justify our actions
    13. The relevance of moral theory: justifying our ethical policies


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