Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics book cover

Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics

Special Volume

This special volume provides a broad overview and insight in the way numerical methods are being used to solve the wide variety of problems in the electronics industry. Furthermore its aim is to give researchers from other fields of application the opportunity to benefit from the results wich have been obtained in the electronics industry.

Researchers in electronics industry and numerical mathematicians

Hardbound, 928 Pages

Published: April 2005

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-51375-5


  • "This special volume addresses numerical methods applicable to solving problems in electromagnetics. Electromagnetism is involved in a very wide range of phenomena and devices. Electromagnetism is key to our understanding of the source of the earth's magnetic field, the northern lights and sunspots." --Philip Huddleston


  • Introduction to Electromagnetism, (W. Magnus, W. Schoenmaker).
    Discretization of Electromagnetic Problems: The "Generalized Finite Differences" Approach, (A. Bossavit).
    Finite-Difference Time-Domain Methods, (S.C. Hagness, A. Taflove, S.D. Gedney).
    Discretization of Semiconductor Device Problems I, (F. Brezzi, L.D. Marini, S. Micheletti, P. Pietra, R. Sacco, S. Wang).
    Discretization of Semiconductor Device Problems II, (A.M. Anile, N. Nikiforakis, V. Romano, G. Russo).
    Modelling and Discretization of Circuit Problems, (M. Günther, U. Feldmann, J. ter Maten).
    Simulation of EMC Behaviour, (A.J.H. Wachters, W.H.A. Schilders).
    Solution of Linear Systems, (O. Schenk. H.A. van der Vorst).
    Reduced-Order Modelling, (Z. Bai, P.M. Dewilde, R.W. Freund).


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