Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Fluids book cover

Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Fluids

Special Volume

Non-Newtonian flows and their numerical simulations have generated an abundant literature, as well as many publications and references to which can be found in this volume’s articles. This abundance of publications can be explained by the fact that non-Newtonian fluids occur in many real life situations: the food industry, oil & gas industry, chemical, civil and mechanical engineering, the bio-Sciences, to name just a few. Mathematical and numerical analysis of non-Newtonian fluid flow models provide challenging problems to partial differential equations specialists and applied computational mathematicians alike.

This volume offers investigations. Results and conclusions that will no doubt be useful to engineers and computational and applied mathematicians who are focused on various aspects of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics.


Academics, researchers, and practitioners in Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Fluids.

Hardbound, 824 Pages

Published: December 2010

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-53047-9


  • "This excellent volume gives a complete and up-to-date presentation of numerical methods for solving many problems of incompressible flow. The emphasis is on Navier-Stokes equations, but the volume also treats other important flows such as particulate flows and visco-plastic flows...this volume is very clear and so well written that it is even accessible at the level of P.H.D. students. It is a unique reference text on incompressible flow for researchers and engineers." --Vivette Girault


  • Foreword
    Part I: Grade-Two Fluids
    Numerical Methods for Grade-Two Fluid Models: Finite-element Discretizations and Algorithms
    Part II: Viscoelastic Fluids
    The Langevin and Fokker-Planck Equations in Polymer Rheology
    Viscoelastic Flows with Complex Free Surfaces: Numerical Analysis and Simulation
    Stable Finite Element Discretizations for Viscoelastic Flow Models
    Positive Definiteness Preserving Approaches for Viscoelastic Flow of Oldroyd-B Fluids: Applications to a Lid-driven Cavity Flow and a Particulate Flow
    Part III: Viscoplastic Fluids
    On the Numerical Simulation of Viscoplastic Fluid Flows
    Modeling, Simulation and Optmization of Electrorheological Fluids


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