Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems book cover

Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems

Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems Design and Analysis is an interdisciplinary textbook aimed at systematic descriptions and implementations of numerically-viable algorithms based on well-established, efficient and stable modern numerical linear techniques for mathematical problems arising in the design and analysis of linear control systems both for the first- and second-order models. MATLAB-based software is included for implementing all of the major algorithms from the book.

practicing and academic control engineers and theorists, vibration, aerospace, automotive, and structural dynamics engineers, applied and computational linear algebraists

Hardbound, 640 Pages

Published: December 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-203590-6


  • "This is a very comprehensive book presenting the state-of-the-art in numerical techniques for linear systems and control. All the key developments in the area in the last two decades are covered in a clear, concise and practical manner. The accompanying MATLAB-based software implementations of the main algorithms will make the book particularly attractive to graduate students, researchers and practicing engineers concerned about numerical issues in control techniques. The book is very appropriate for one or more graduate courses on numerical techniques for control that could follow a conventional first course on linear system theory." -Professor Rajni V. Patel, Chair of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada "This book provides a comprehensive treatment of system theory and numerical analysis written by an expert in both fields. It covers a wide range of topics and can be used for undergraduate and graduate courses in the increasingly important area of systems and computation" - Thanos Antoulas, Rice University "Datta has done a wonderful job in writing this difficult interdisciplinary book, blending scientific computing and numerical linear algebra with control and systems theory. In a very elegant manner Datta starts with essential components of numerical linear algebra, and moves to very useful advanced numerical algorithms and software for control systems. As an industrial mathematician involved in aerospace engineering research, I feel that the book will be an asset for researchers and practicing engineers who are using applied and computational mathematics to find solutions to complex industrial problems arising from well-established and emerging control applications - Daniel J. Pierce - Boeing (ASK TIFFANY G. for use permissions)


  • Introduction and Overview; Review of Basic Concepts and Results from Theoretical Linear Algebra; Fundamental Tools and Concepts from Numerical Linear Algebra; Canonical Forms Obtained via Orthogonal Transformations; Linear State Space Models and Solutions of the State Equations; Contollability, Observability and Distance to Uncontrollability; Stability, Inertia and Robust Stability; Numerical Solutions and Conditioning of Lyapunov and Sylvester Equations; Realization and Subspace Identification; Feedback Stabilization, Eigenvalue Assignment and Optimal Control; Numerical Methods and Conditioning of the Eigenvalue Assignment Problems; State Estimation; Numerical Solutions and Conditioning of Algebraic Riccati Equations; Internal Balancing and Model Reduction; Large-Scale Matrix Computations in Control: Krylov Subspace Methods; Numerical Methods for Matrix-Second-Order Control Systems; Existing Software for Control Systems Design and Analysis


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