Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Mechanical Integrity book cover

Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Mechanical Integrity

Design and Operability of Mechanical Systems, Equipment and Supporting Structures

One of the most critical requirements for safe and reliable nuclear power plant operations is the availability of competent maintenance personnel. However, just as the nuclear power industry is experiencing a renaissance, it is also experiencing an exodus of seasoned maintenance professionals due to retirement. The perfect guide for engineers just entering the field or experienced maintenance supervisors who need to keep abreast of the latest industry best practices, Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance: Mechanical Systems, Equipment and Safety covers the most common issues faced in day-to-day operations and provides practical, technically proven solutions. The book also explains how to navigate the various maintenance codes, standards and regulations for the nuclear power industry.


Mechanical Engineers, Construction Engineers, Maintenance Engineers and Reliability Engineers

Hardbound, 354 Pages

Published: November 2014

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-417248-7


    1. Regulatory & industry requirements and code classifications 
    2. Design basis loads and qualification
    3. Examination and leak testing
    4. Suspended systems
    5. Supporting structures
    6. Materials and aging mechanisms
    7. Operability determinations & industry operating experience

    Annex 1: Generic letters
    Annex 2: Bulletins
    Annex 3: Information notices


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