Nuclear Mechanics & Genome Regulation

  • G.V. Shivashankar

In recent years new discoveries have made this an exciting and important field of research. This exhaustive volume presents comprehensive chapters and detailed background information for researchers working with in the field of nuclear mechanics and genome regulation.
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Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology


Book information

  • Published: September 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-381009-0

Table of Contents

Section-A: Cell Nucleus: Organization & MechanoBiology

  1. Fluorescence Fluctuation Microscopy to reveal 3D-Architecture and Function in the Cell Nucleus
  2. Thorsten Lenser1,2, Klaus Weisshart2, Tobias Ulbricht3, Karolin Klement3, and Peter Hemmerich

  3. Studying histone modifications and their genomic functions by employing chromatin immunoprecipitation and immunoblotting
  4. Ranveer S. Jayani, Praveena L. Ramanujam and Sanjeev Galande

  5. Dynamic organization of chromatin assembly & transcription factories in living cells
  6. Bidisha Sinha, Dipanjan Bhattacharya, Deepak Kumar Sinha, Shefali Talwar,

    Shovamayee Maharana, Soumya Gupta and G. V.Shivashankar


  7. Manipulation & Isolation of Single Cells & Nuclei
  8. Swee Jin Tan, Qingsen Li and Chwee Teck Lim

  9. Beyond lamins: other structural components of the nucleoskeleton
  10. Zhixia Zhong , Katherine L. Wilson and Kris Noel Dahl

  11. Altered mechanical properties of the nucleus in disease
  12. Maria Lucia Lombardi and Jan Lammerding

  13. Theoretical concepts and models of cellular mechanosensing
  14. Rumi De, Assaf Zemel and Samuel A. Safran

    Section-B: Impact of Nuclear Mechanics on Function

  15. Mechanical Induction of Gene Expression in Connective Tissue Cells
  16. Mathew Chan, Boris Hinz, Christopher A. McCulloch

  17. Physical plasticity of the Nucleus and its manipulation
  18. Irena Ivanovska, Joe Swift, Takamasa Harada, J. David Pajerowski and Dennis E. Discher

  19. Prestressed Nuclear Organization in Living Cells
  20. Aprotim Mazumder, Roopa T. , Abhishek Kumar, K.Venkatesan Iyer,

    Nisha M Ramdas and G. V.Shivashankar

  21. Nanotopography/mechanical induction of stem-cell differentiation
  22. Evelyn Yim


  23. Mechanical Induction in Embryonic Development and Tumour Growth: Integrative Cues through Molecular to Multi-cellular Interplay, and Evolutionary Perspectives
  24. Maria-Elena Fernandez-Sanchez, Fanny Serman, Padra Ahmadi and Emmanuel Farge

  25. Informatics based analysis of mechanosignaling in the laminopathies
  26. Frank P.L. Lai, Radfidah A. Mutalif, Siew Cheng Phua, and Colin L. Stewart

  27. Autosomal Dominant Leukodystrophy caused by lamin B1 duplications: A clinical and molecular case study of altered nuclear function and disease

Quasar Saleem Padiath and Ying-Hui Fu