Nuclear Geophysics book cover

Nuclear Geophysics

Selected Papers on Applications of Nuclear Techniques in Minerals Exploration, Mining and Process Control

Nuclear techniques are critical in the exploration for oil and in the control of oil wells, and intrinsic to uranium exploration. This volume includes comprehensive review articles by internationally eminent scientists and engineers, on a wide variety of techniques and applications in the area of nuclear geophysics, including important new techniques and equipment being developed for use in the metalliferous and industrial minerals industries. Also included is a description of neutron interaction methods now being introduced to give a total elemental analysis, calorific value and ash-content, on-line.

Of interest to scientists and engineers in academic institutes, government laboratories, and industry; plant designers; and materials accountants


Published: May 1983

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-029158-1


  • Editorial

    Coal analysis by nuclear methods

    Natural &ggr;-radiation: a steering guide in coal seams

    A technique for measuring the ash content of coal in a tailings stream

    Nuclear geophysics in prospecting, exploration and development of oil and gas fields

    Advances in gamma-gamma logging

    Uranium logging with prompt fission neutrons

    On-stream analysis of metalliferous ore slurries

    Mineral exploration of the sea bed by towed sea bed spectrometers

    Tracer techniques in hydrology



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