Novel Carbon Adsorbents

Edited by

  • Juan Tascón, Instituto Nacional del Carbon, SIC, Oviedo, Spain

Following in the lineage of Adsorption by Carbons (Bottani & Tascon, 2008), this work explores current research within contemporary novel carbon adsorbents. Both basic and applied aspects are discussed for this important class of materials. The first section of the book introduces physical adsorption and carbonaceous materials, and is followed by a section concerning the fundamentals of adsorption by carbons. This leads to development of a series of theoretical concepts that serve as an introduction to the following section in which adsorption is mainly envisaged as a tool to characterize the porous texture and surface chemistry of carbons. Particular attention is paid to novel nanocarbons, and the electrochemistry of adsorption by carbons is also addressed. Finally, several important technological applications of gas and liquid adsorption by carbons in areas such as environmental protection and energy storage constitute the last section of the book.
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Graduate-level researchers working in the field of carbon materials and adsorption, with some process engineers, chemists, physicists and corporate research scientists.


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  • Published: August 2012
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-097744-7


"The adsorption of carbon is not the issue, but the use of carbon-based materials to adsorb other substances. Chemists and materials scientists cover recent developments in theory, new characterization methodologies, adsorption by novel carbon types, and emerging applications."--Reference & Research Book News, October 2013

Table of Contents




I. Introduction
1. Novel Nanocarbons for Adsorption

II. Recent developments in theory

2.Accessibility of Gases and Liquids in Carbons

3. Virtual porous carbon models

III. New characterization methodologies
4. Advanced Physical Adsorption Characterization of Nanoporous Carbons

5. Water adsorption by carbons. Hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity
6. Basicity of carbons

IV. Adsorption by novel carbon types
7. Adsorption by carbon gels
8. Adsorption by phosphorus-containing carbons
9. Porous carbide-derived carbons
10. Zeolite-templated carbon -Its unique characteristics and applications-
11, Adsorption by soft-templated carbons
12. Hydrothermal carbons-Synthesis, characterization and applications
13. Porosity and Adsorption Properties of Single-Wall Carbon Nanohorn
14. Adsorption behaviour of graphene and grapheme related materials

V. Emerging applications of adsorption by carbons
15. Porous texture versus surface chemistry in applications of adsorption by carbons
16. Catalytic removal of water solved aromatic compounds by carbon based materials
17. Photochemical behavior of carbon adsorbents
18. Carbon-based Catalyst Support in Fuel Cell Applications
19. Novel carbon materials for CO2 adsorption
20. Non-Enviromental Industrial applications of activated Carbon Adsorption
21. Biomedical applications of carbon adsorbents

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