Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems book cover

Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems

This book contains a thorough treatment of neural networks, cellular-automata and synergetics, in an attempt to provide three different approaches to nonlinear phenomena in complex systems. These topics are of major interest to physicists active in the fields of statistical mechanics and dynamical systems. They have been developed with a high degree of sophistication and include the refinements necessary to work with the complexity of real systems as well as the more recent research developments in these areas.


Published: August 1989

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-88035-2


  • Introduction to neural networks (J.W. Clark). A short course on synergetics (R. Friedrich and H. Haken). Cellular automata (H.J. Herrmann). Josephson tunneling and information theory (J. Alagia and H.A. Cerdeira). Ehrenfest approximation for nonlinear problems (M. Bracco, A. Lopez and A. Plastino). Harmonic Brownian motion (H.M. Cataldo). Real space renormalization. A strategy for accuracy (P. Cordero). Evaluation of magnetic susceptibility with Q2R cellular automata (C. Moukarzel and N. Parga). A model of Alfven turbulence (S. Ponce Dawson). Author index. Subject index.


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