Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics book cover

Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics

Transport and Rate Processes in Physical, Chemical and Biological Systems

Natural phenomena consist of simultaneously occurring transport processes and chemical reactions. These processes may interact with each other and may lead to self-organized structures, fluctuations, instabilities, and evolutionary systems. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics, 3rd edition emphasizes the unifying role of thermodynamics in analyzing the natural phenomena.

This third edition updates and expands on the first and second editions by focusing on the general balance equations for coupled processes of physical, chemical, and biological systems. The new edition contains a new chapter on stochastic approaches to include the statistical thermodynamics, mesoscopic nonequilibrium thermodynamics, fluctuation theory, information theory, and modeling the coupled biochemical systems in thermodynamic analysis. This new addition also comes with more examples and practice problems.


Graduate students in chemical, biological, mechanical, biomedical, environmental, and systems engineering programs, and in biophysical and biochemical science programs. Advanced students in diverse engineering programs.

Hardbound, 792 Pages

Published: January 2014

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-59557-7


  • Preface
    List of Symbols
    1. Fundamentals of Equilibrium Thermodynamics
    2. Transport and Rate Processes
    3. Fundamentals of Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics
    4. Using the Second Law: Thermodynamic Analysis
    5. Thermoeconomics
    6. Diffusion
    7. Heat and Mass Transfer
    8. Chemical Reactions
    9. Coupled Systems of Chemical Reactions and Transport Processes
    10. Membrane Transport
    11. Thermodynamics and Biological Systems
    12. Stability Analysis
    13. Organized Structures
    14. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Approaches
    15. Probabilistic Approach in Thermodynamics
    Appendices A-F


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